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Welcome to the University of Wisconsin-Madison DoIT Digital Publishing and Printing Services (DPPS) online store. This system was built to simplify the act of ordering printing and publication services. All customers will need to create a store account to access the online store.

DPPS IS STILL ACCEPTING ORDERS ELECTRONICALLY. However, are closed to in-person traffic due to COVID-19. 

DPPS Knowledge Base Help Documents

Password Policy

The UW-Madison campus has a formal Password Policy that requires you to create NetID and other passwords using the following criteria.

Passwords must:

It is strongly recommended that: Passwords are changed twice per year (e.g., when clocks are adjusted in the spring and fall). Each password chosen is new and different.


Email Address:


Check here and login to edit your account.


Contact Information

If you have questions about printing or any of the services available at UW DoIT Digital Publishing & Printing Services, please contact us:

Business office hours are Monday-Friday, 7:45 AM-4:30 PM CST.
Main Office Phone Number: 608/262-3461
Main Office Fax Number: 608/262-5747

Night and Weekend After Hours:

After hours printing is available on evenings and weekends. We can be reached at 608/513-1659 or 608/263-2579 to reach a CSR.

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